ASM Employee Ticket Request (FOR CCC EVENTS ONLY)

Complimentary Ticket Guidelines

  • You will need the email address associated with an AXS account setup for the individuals requesting the tickets
  • Tickets are available ONLY to ASM Global Employees
  • Requests can be made up to one month in advance.
  • Requests are NOT granted based on the order of requests received.
  • Employees are given 2 tickets. If there are not enough for all employees on the list, tickets are randomly drawn, primarily considering those who have not previously received complimentary tickets.
  • Tickets will be sent electronically to the employees AXS account.
  • Detailed records are kept regarding to whom tickets are distributed.
  • Accepting complimentary tickets is a commitment to attend the show. If tickets are distributed to an employee and the employee decides they cannot use them, they should be returned to the AXS account from which they came and not transferred to anyone else for use. Transfers are now tracked electronically.

When attending an event with complimentary tickets, pay attention to four important things:

  • Public consumption of marijuana remains illegal, it cannot be used in any City performance venue. This all-inclusive statement includes smoking it, oils, edibles, etc.
  • Use of alcohol is prohibited at the Colorado Convention Center & Bellco Theatre.
  • Resale of complimentary tickets is strictly prohibited. They also cannot be used in a bidding or raffle process.
  • When attending an event with a complimentary ticket, we are representing ASM Global and should act accordingly.

NOTE: Most shows use AXS for ticketing. In order to receive tickets for events you must have an AXS account.